Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries

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Read the First Chapter of Ernest Cline's Armada 06/16/15, via Good E-Reader (blog)

People who were cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, that's who. Cats with a serious marble deficiency. I'd long All I'd eaten that morning was a raw strawberry Pop-Tart I'd wolfed down in my car on the way to school— and the only thing crazier than

Magnetic Makeup Brushes Are The Beauty Product You Never Knew You Needed 06/03/15, via Huffington Post

Waiting for freshly-cleaned makeup brushes to dry completely can be an overnight process. With no time to waste, we've tried everything from laying our beauty tools in front of a fan to blasting them with a hair dryer on low heat. This was a problem

Puff Pastry - By Vahchef @ Vahrehvah.com


basic puff pastry dough to make various kinds of puffs ,tarts etc Puff pastry is like a pie crust that raises high with no leavening. There are four main ingredients in.


The Good Food Guide 1998

The Good Food Guide 1998

Published by Cpg Incorporated 1998

ISBN 0852026633,9780852026632
740 pages

Now in its 46th year, the longest-running and most trusted of all the restaurant guides details the best bistros, cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotel dining-rooms in Britain. Evocative, often witty descriptions of the food and ambiance are supported by details of opening times, prices and much more, to provide all the information you need to pick the right restaurant for the right occasion.

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Read the First Chapter of Ernest Cline's Armada - Good E-Reader (blog)

Ready Player One is one of the most influential books for those of us that grew up in the 1980’s. It has 174060 ratings and 26598 reviews on GoodReads and the audiobook was narrated by Wil Wheaton. He second full length novel is coming out on July 15th called Armada and the book has already been optioned for a movie. The concept of the book centers around a high school student who plays a video game that has him saving the earth against aliens. One day, one of the alien ships is outside his school, he thinks he is going crazy. But what he’s seeing is all too real, and his skills—as well as those of millions of gamers across the world—are going to be needed to save Earth from what’s about to befall it. Yet even as he and his new comrades scramble to prepare for the alien... Interested in this book. I was staring out the classroom window and daydreaming of adventure when I spotted the flying saucer. I blinked and looked again—but it was still out there, a shiny chrome disc zigzagging around in the sky. My eyes struggled to track the object through a series of increasingly fast, impossibly sharp turns that would have juiced a human being, had there been any aboard. The disc streaked toward the distant horizon, then came to an instantaneous stop just above it. It hovered there motionless over the distant tree line for a few seconds, as if scanning the area beneath it with an invisible beam, before it abruptly... I still couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew what it wasn’t—it wasn’t a meteor. No, the unidentified flying object I was staring at with my own two eyes was most definitely not of this earth. My first thought was: Holy fucking shit. Followed immediately by: I can’t believe it’s finally happening. You see, ever since the first day of kindergarten, I had been hoping and waiting for some mind-blowingly fantastic, world-altering event to finally shatter the endless monotony of my public education. I had spent hundreds of hours gazing out at the calm, conquered suburban landscape surrounding my school, silently yearning for the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, a freak accident that would give me super powers, or perhaps the sudden appearance... I would estimate that approximately one-third of these dark daydreams of mine had involved the unexpected arrival of beings from another world. Of course, I’d never believed it would really happen. Even if alien visitors did decide to drop by this utterly insignificant little blue-green planet, no self-respecting extraterrestrial would ever pick my hometown of Beaverton, Oregon—aka Yawnsville, USA—as their point of first contact. Not unless their plan was to destroy our civilization by wiping out our least interesting locales first. If there was a bright center to the universe, I was on the planet it was farthest from. But now something miraculous was happening here—it was still happening, right now. There was a goddamn flying saucer out there. I was staring right at it. And I was pretty sure it was getting closer. I cast a furtive glance back over my shoulder at my two best friends, Cruz and Diehl, who were both seated behind me. But they were currently engaged in a whispered debate and neither of them was looking toward the windows. I considered trying to get their attention, but I was worried the object might vanish any second, and I didn’t want to miss my chance to see this for myself. My gaze shot back outside, just in time to see another bright flash of silver as the craft streaked laterally across the landscape, then halted and hovered over an adjacent patch of terrain before zooming off again. Hover, move. Hover, move. I could see its shape in more detail now. The saucer banked sideways for a few seconds, and I got my first clear glimpse of its top-down profile, and I saw that it wasn’t really a saucer at all. From this angle, I could see that its symmetrical hull resembled the blade of a two-headed battle-axe, and that a black, octagonal prism lay centered between its long, serrated wings, glinting in the morning sun-light like a dark jewel.

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July 4th: Red, white and berry recipes for a patriotic treat - 06/30/15, via Los Angeles Daily News

Taylor uses special equipment to flash-freeze his pops but, he says, you can make red, white and blue layered paletas at home using his recipes for strawberry ... Use the coconut pastry cream or lemon curd in store-bought puff pastry or tart shells ...

Come with a sweet tooth at Roberta’s by Joe Muldoon - 06/29/15, via Atlantic City Weekly

Dunagan, a pastry ... cream puffs with chocolate banana, creamsicle and strawberry fillings; and chocolate marquee, a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie topped with a dark chocolate mousse, rum almond filling and rich chocolate ganache with homemade ...

How to make a pie easily - 06/08/15, via taste.com.au

Here's an easy entertaining idea that runs rings around plain pot pies. Put a fancy puff pastry lid on your favourite pie filling and score compliments at your next dinner party. Place your favourite winter pie filling in a small ovenproof dish or saucepan.


  1. Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries Easy berry pastry recipe with strawberries, blueberries or raspberries made with frozen puff pastry dough or homemade puff pastry recipe
  2. Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries - Cook'n is ... 1 lb (455 g) Puff Pastry, if dough is frozen allow to thaw to a workable; 1 lb (455 g) Fresh Berries, cut into 1/2" pieces; 1 c Pastry Cream (recipe follows)
  3. Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries | flavor of ... Turning to the household baking Bible, The Professional Pastry Chef, a few flips of the pages brought up Bo’s cherry crossovers. A cherry filling wrapped in puff ...
Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries
Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries
Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries
Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries
Image by pinterest.com
Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries Recipe » The Homestead ...
Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries Recipe » The Homestead ...
Image by pinterest.com

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