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Home Decor Art Movie Poster with Portal Game1 Wall Scroll Poster Fabric Painting 23.6 X 35.4 Inch (60cm X 90 cm)

by 2015 Art Poster
Price: $14.50 Buy Now

  • Durable K8 artistic fabric,matte,ultra smooth,100% fabric.Better than microfiber
  • Perfect gift for your friend or decorate your wall and make your room unique.
  • Amazing hd pattern using epson K3 archival inks.

Product description

The Wall Scroll is made from Fiber Fabric, Wall Scroll with hanging rod as seen in the image.Measuring size approx: 36"inch=W:23.6 X H:35.4 Inch (Equal:60 X 90 cm)K8 Artistic Fabric£ºVertical good elasticity, soft, stretch for suspension, no curling, no light reflection, strong compatibility, bright color, high resolution, good waterproof performance.Pattern£ºEPSON High precision printer ink, environmental quality, pattern, color, clear hierarchy¡£Hanging Rod£ºHanging rod is made of black PVC tube,corrosion resistance, high strength deformationInstallation: hanging installation drawing have trouble? Don't worry, every poster has two wall type small hook,very compact and solid space.Packing£ºpackaging tube,original wood pulp paper,environmental friendly¡£Notice:Most of those Images Download from the Website then change the size and the length and width ratio, and both give freeware use of their images but if by mistake we took someones Copyright work, please contact me to arrange for Credits for the Images or its removal. we hope you will enjoy them as much as we did doing them for the Love of Sharing. Pass on the good word to your friends to Visit our store .

Wall Art Printing on Metal Tin (MHE1227) Decoration Poster Sign 8"x12" Inches by Miller Home

by Miller Home
Price: $9.99 Buy Now

  • Offset 8-colors printed on high-quality tinplate.
  • WYSWYG - What you see what you get, guaranteed.
  • Shipping with double layers cardboard to protect your sign.

Product description

Portal 2 Art

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Santa Fe New Mexican

Showhouse Santa Fe: Designers put their spin on historic home in fundraiser to ... 10/02/15, via Santa Fe New Mexican

Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2015 11:00 pm | Updated: 12:09 am, Fri Oct 2, 2015. . Frank Applegate, an Illinois-born artist who studied in Europe and met Picasso, Cézanne and Matisse, bought the low-slung, flat-roofed house flanking a small portal

Community News for the Manchester Edition 09/30/15, via Hartford Courant

MANCHESTER – The Silk City Board Game Group will meet Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Mary Cheney Library, 586 Main St. Started by librarian Jenn Bartlett, SCBGG will partner with, The Portal, a division of Time Machine, here in Manchester. This new board

Portal 2 Easter Egg - Chapter 3 - Singing Turrets and Ratman wall art


Portal 2, stumbled upon a easter egg at Chapter 3. So I decided to record it and share it with you guys. Hope you like it, I'm sorry about the quality though.


Iconography of Christian Art: The Passion of Christ

Iconography of Christian Art: The Passion of Christ

Published by Lund Humphries Publishers 1972


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20160131 -10130- Exhibition at MACBA brings together more than sixty of Sergi Aguilar's works - Barcelona - 04.06.2015-31.01.2016

‘How can one construct physical objects that derive from, and in some way refer to, pure immateriality. ’1 This imponderable question is the obsession that has driven the artistic research of Sergi Aguilar (Barcelona, 1946). The exhibition Sergi Aguilar. Reverse/Obverse (1972–2015) brings together at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona more than sixty of Aguilar’s works spanning four decades of his artistic creation. Structured around five episodes or sections that create a dialogue between the pieces and the thematic cycles of different periods, this is the largest ever exhibition to be dedicated to the work of Aguilar. The atmosphere of the artist’s studio has been reconstructed at MACBA. Far from proposing a chronological narrative, it recreates the dynamics of the artist’s studio, resulting in an almost infinite web of possible and random relationships between the works. The exhibition, which is organised as a sinuous journey through Aguilar’s sculptural production of the last forty years, explores some of the creative tensions that are constant in his work, such as the dialogue between object and process,... The exhibition is accompanied by the publication Sergi Aguilar. It includes a wide selection of works and photographs that constitute a story without chronological order, one which plays with the metaphor of the artist’s studio. This allows us to delve into certain concepts (space, nature, time, earth, desert, displacement) and key objects (iron, marble, topographies, cardboard, tree trunks, maps, photographs, collages and tables). The exhibition Sergi Aguilar. Reverse/Obverse (1972–2015) at MACBA is divided into the following five episodes:. One of Aguilar’s first series, Tronc, espai, terra, eina (Trunk, Space, Earth, Tool), 1974, has as its starting point the found tree trunks used by the inhabitants of Menorca for making tools. In these essential forms of bronze and brass presides the idea of both tool and a reference to nature. ‘The constructive aspect of objects held – and continues to hold – an attraction for me, but I think they must be connected with ‘living things’ [. ] art made with artificiality and thus associated with the natural world,’2 says Aguilar. Eines i mesuradors (Tools and Measures), 1974–2014, is a series in which tools also accumulate, but here they have become lighter and are combined with measuring tools, drawings and some volumes of an abstract nature. In Abans de la cendra (Before the Ashes), 1999–2004, tools stacked on the five shelves of a trolley suggest themes such as signs, weight, templates and building systems. Gradually, the natural reference is dissipated, and these small volumes, although still close and accessible, now exude a strange functionality. From copying nature, the artist proceeds to analysing it. It becomes a geometrised nature, a radical form but one that does not lose sight of its original context. Distributed on a large wooden table, designed by Aguilar for the occasion – as with all the supports used in this exhibition –, are a representative selection of sculptures made of black marble and executed between 1974 and 1998. Angle, 1974,... 1 (Two-Three, no. 1), 1978, and Canvi (Change), 1980, are blocks partly abstracted from nature, but which openly refer to Post-Minimalism. The solid corporeality of these marbles establish a dialogue with works such as 18, 1994–98, Fixed, 2000, and Move, 2000, in which cardboard, wood and plywood introduce a sense of fragility and lightness, while hinting at the first appearance of... The blocks begin to disappear, making way for space as the main reference in the works. The sculptures are bent, fitted and dislodged, creating accidental geometries in which the concepts of inclines, enclosure and compasses are excuses to raise ideas of visibility and obstacle. The material of the work is space. The artist likes to mention Tony Smith’s description, from around 1950, of his experience of travelling by car one evening, with his students, on a highway under construction in New Jersey. The trip became a revealing experience for Smith, one of the first times that space, time and the mood of the ‘viewer’ became creative materials. The result of a journey made by Aguilar through the desert of southern Algeria, Nord-Sud (North-South), 1991, occupies a central place in this gallery.

Source: FIC123 CB - E.U.
small adobe house
small adobe house

Media > Books

As New in Very Good jacket 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" 95 Pages Indexed. No defects noted to this book with brown boards and silver lettering to spine and front. Interior text pages are flawless. Building or remodeling an adobe house is an artistic endeavor, with all the satisfaction-and occasional frustration-of any artistic effort. But once you've lived sheltered by adobe walls, you won't want anything else. Whether the small adobe house is a work of art or a model of simplicity, it is by far the most appropriate house for the Southwest. The adobe serves as natural insulation, keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter, and muffling noise. No draft ever penetrates an adobe wall. The spaces of such a house accept with equal grace the basic curve of an Eames chair or the sumptuous gilding of Louis XIV It is an easy house to live in. It is also easy to reshape. You may incorporate all sorts of modern ideas and still keep the classic look of the small adobe house, affording enjoyment of the newest conveniences within an enveloping tradition. Contents in Eight Chapters: Sheltered by the Earth, From the Ground Up Adobe's Long Pedigree, From the Top Roofs and Ceilings, Inside Out Doors Windows Floors and Walls, Al Fresco Portals and Other Exterior Features, Interiior Views Basics and Frills, Inovations Large and Small. Illustrated with color photographs on every page.


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Dr Ruzaimi Sitting On A 'Gold Mine' Of Art - 10/02/15, via Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 2 (Bernama) -- It took architect Dr Ruzaimi Mat Rani 10 ... during an exclusive interview with Bernama Lifestyle and Youth (L&Y) at Bernama Portal 'studio' recently. For BERNAMA. Pic: ZackZaini But hold a second. You don't need to draw ...

Quilts Abandon Rigid Patterns for Crushed-Velvet Chaos - 09/30/15, via ww2.kqed.org

Within that structure, a quilt can be many things — a functional necessity, a memorial, an heirloom or a work of art. Yo-Yos and Half Squares ... The entry to Yo-Yos and Half Squares is a portal of shiny green plastic. Inside the exhibition a green ...

Art that needs you: Interactive exhibits bring Taos Plaza to life this weekend - 09/25/15, via ABQJournal

A 3-D, walk-through drawing strung beneath the portal of the Taos Plaza. You can see all this and more in the second year of an emerging celebration of art that you can’t hang on a wall or fit in a gallery: The Paseo, a collection of installations ...


  1. Top Selling Portal 2 Gifts & Merchandise - Art Gallery ... Wall Art. Posters; Canvas Prints; Photographic Prints; ... $ 2.90 $ 25.22 $ 2.34 $ 22.40 $ 25.22 $ 2.30 $ 26.87 $ 25.00 ... High quality Portal 2 inspired T-Shirts, ...
  2. Portal 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Portal 2 is a 2011 first-person puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is the sequel to Portal (2007) and was released on April ...
  3. Art Portal - Newgrounds.com — Everything, By Everyone Wall Artist. Login / Sign Up. ... Best Art This Year. ... Classic Portal Downloads Creator Resources Community Forums Calendar Artist News Rankings
Talking To A Brick Wall
Talking To A Brick Wall
Choose a brick. ...It won't talk back. -- Tracking: Views: 600, 19th May 2008 Views: 700, 28th May 2008 Views: 800, 5th June 2008 Views: 900, 15th June 2008 Views: 1000, 1st July 2008 Views: 1250, 23rd July 2008 Views: 1500, 13th August 2008 Views: 1750, 9th September 2008 (added with 1961 views) - got slack, 'pologize Views: 2000, 12th September 2008 Views: 2500, 7th October 2008 Views: 3000, 29th October 2008 Views: 4000, 10th December 2008 Views: 8000, 20th March 2009 Views: 10k, 2nd September 2009
Photo by Joriel "Joz" Jimenez on Flickr
Gable stones are carved and often colourfully painted stone tablets, which are set into the walls of buildings, usually at about 4 metres from the ground. They serve both to identify and embellish the building. They may also tell us something about its owner. The address above is the Old Post Office Building and the stone was made by Margit Kovács. Margit Kovács was born in Győr, Hungary on 30 November 1902. She originally wished to become a graphic artist but she grew interested in ceramics in the 1920s and went to study in Vienna with Hertha Bücher, a famous Austrian ceramic artist, from 1926-1928. Then she studied clay modelling in Munich at the State School of Applied Arts under Karl Killer (1928–29). She was fellow student here, then lifelong friend of Julia Bathory, glass artist. She studied in Copenhagen in 1932 and in 1933 she was at Sèvres Porcelain factory where she mastered the art of modelling with chamotte clay to make figures. Her first public exhibition was in...
Photo by alcuin lai on Flickr
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park
The Cliff Palace guided tour is a must-do at Mesa Verde National Park. Although you can get a great view of Cliff Palace without taking the tour, the tour makes it so much better. Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling in North America. The Ancient Pueblo structure is located in Mesa Verde National Park, in the southwest corner of the U.S. state of Colorado, home to the Ancestral Puebloans people. Cliff Palace contains 23 kivas (round sunken rooms of ceremonial importance), and 150 rooms. One kiva, in the center of the ruin, is at a point where the entire structure is partitioned by a series of walls with no doorways or other access portals. The walls of this kiva were plastered with one color on one side and a different color on the opposing side. Archaeologists believe that the Cliff Palace contained two communities and that this kiva was used to integrate the two communities. The large, square tower on the right that almost reaches the cave "roof" was in...
Photo by Ken Lund on Flickr
Portal 2 Concrete Wall 2 by wistfulwriter
Portal 2 Concrete Wall 2 by wistfulwriter
art mural de rattmann art mural de rattmann art mural
art mural de rattmann art mural de rattmann art mural
Full resolution ‎ (2,362 × 1,181 pixels, file size: 423 KB, MIME ...
Full resolution ‎ (2,362 × 1,181 pixels, file size: 423 KB, MIME ...

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