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Wauwatosa Weekly Planner: Sept. 10 09/08/15, via Wauwatosa Now

Backgammon mettle: The Milwaukee Backgammon Club invites players to a tournament at 7 p.m. in the backroom of McGinn's Sports Bar, 5901 W. Bluemound Road. A main flight and a Rec Department registration: Registration for high-demand fall programs

Finding Some Purls of Wisdom 09/08/15, via TAPinto.net

Which made me wonder why, when my daughter started getting ready to go to college, I began to knit. Usually you think of knitting as a nesting activity - something you do when you're preparing to welcome a baby into the house. But I was preparing for

Basic Cast On (how to start knitting)


com Casting on is how you get those first stitches onto your needle to start knitting. This is a very simple way to cast-on your first stitches of.


Knitting the Threads of Time

Knitting the Threads of Time

Published by New World Library 2010

ISBN 9781577318446,1577318447
208 pages

In an era of global warming, war, escalating expenses, declining income, and drugs and violence in schools, many mothers feel they have little control over their families or their worlds. Nora Murphy eloquently demonstrates that many women do control one tiny thing: their next stitch. While tracing the frustrations and joys of knitting a sweater for her son through the course of one cold, dark Minnesota winter, Murphy eloquently brings to life the traditions and cultures of women from many backgrounds, including Hmong, American Indian, Mexican, African, and Irish. Murphy’s personal stories — about her struggles to understand esoteric knitting patterns, her help from the shaman of the knit shop, and her challenges sticking with an often vexing project — will appeal to knitters as well as...

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Her-Story: Florence DiStefano Hudson

I’ve had the opportunity to observe several of my millennial friends complete their educations and embark on professional careers this year. Even more interesting, several of my friends and colleagues are launching Act 2 of their careers. One such person is Florence DiStefano Hudson, the focus of this Her-Story post. Earlier this year, Florence assumed a new role as Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Internet2, a not-for-profit consortium of 295+ academic institutions and 150+ research organizations developing innovations around the internet. In this post, we’ll take a look at her path from engineer to senior vice president. She was born Florence DiStefano in Long Island, New York. In her first speed-bump in life as she calls it, her mother died three hours after Florence was born. She was put up for adoption by her father, however, as destiny would have it, she was legally adopted by her maternal grandparents. Waiting at home for her were two brothers and a sister, who, naturally, were her uncles and aunt. These differences set the stage for her to embrace diversity in so many areas of her future career and life. She attended elementary and secondary schools in the Centereach Community. Florence always loved science and math. When she was very young, her brother would wake her up to watch the NASA manned space mission lift-offs early in the morning. Perhaps this was the earliest spark for her interest in aerospace engineering. One day while watching a space launch, probably when she was between three and six years old, she started to wonder…how do they do that. These early questions were the beginning of her quest to become an aerospace engineer. When her high school guidance counselors suggested she apply for a Grumman Scholarship, Florence complied but didn’t expect much. When her father (grandfather) drove her to the scholarship interview in his plumbing van, and she came out quite a long time later, all the way home he told her, “I know you won it. ” Guess what. However, her high school physics teacher told her he was “disappointed” Florence won the Grumman Scholarship rather than one of the boys. Florence started to second-guess herself. Was the teacher right that she should not have won this scholarship. Well, since she was salutatorian of her class, and Grumman chose her, she decided that they had picked the most deserving person. Rule #1 = Believe in yourself, especially when others don’t believe in you. Along with scholarships from Grumman, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the National Association of Secondary School Principals and her future alma mater, she was able to attend Princeton University. Her mother (grandmother) was a cafeteria lady, her father was a plumber, yet they were able to send her to Princeton. Her dear parents along with her brother were the personal cheerleaders in her life – and what a cheering squad they were. They encouraged her to pursue her dreams and reach for the stars. Rule #2 = Build your support network, including your personal cheerleaders. They are especially important when you forget Rule #1. Florence’s parents encouraged each of their children to pursue the lives they wished for and their own dreams. Their first daughter married right out of high school and had five children. The oldest brother became an engineer, and another brother a plumber. Her brother, the engineer, encouraged Florence to become an engineer and to apply to MIT. Therefore, she went to Princeton where women were 20% of the engineering school. These are good gender stats for 1976. Rule #3 = follow your instincts, including living your values. She matriculated to Princeton University and pursued an undergraduate degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. During her undergraduate studies, Florence was a scholar and engineering intern for then Grumman Aerospace Corporation. She was president of the Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Section at Princeton University, and won the Tau Beta Pi Prize for her commitment and leadership service to the engineering community at the university. Immediately following Princeton’s commencement exercises where she received a bachelor of science in mechanical and aerospace.

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Wolf Wolf Composure Latex Hybrid Mattress
Wolf Wolf Composure Latex Hybrid Mattress

Home & Outdoor

Sweet dreams are made of the Wolf Composure Latex Hybrid Mattress! This hybrid mattress features a high-quality innerspring unit to evenly distribute your weight, also reducing motion and pressure transfer. It also introduces eco-friendly products that provide the same comfort and durability. It contains layers of Dunlop latex foam, which is completely natural and resistant to mold, bacteria, and mites. The foam replacement pad -aptly named Cloud -is durable and eco-friendly, while the Wolfit is 100 percent wool that fits under the stretch cover and provides insulation. Mattress Dimensions: Twin: 75L x 39W x 11.5H in. Full: 75L x 54W x 11.5H in. Queen: 80L x 60W x 11.5H in. King: 80L x 76W x 11.5H in. About Wolf Corp. This product was designed and manufactured by Wolf Corporation. Wolf Corp. was founded in 1873 by Paul Wolf, an orphan immigrant from Germany who began working as an upholsterer of furniture in Fort Wayne, Ind. Wolf and generations of sons after him have expanded the original farm operation into a thriving mattress and fiber insulation business. Still based where it was first established, Wolf Corp. combines years of experience with new technology to provide the best quality product at a great value. Choose from available mattress sizes. Hybrid mattress combines innerspring construction and high-quality filling materials. Dunlop latex and pure wool (Wolfit). Includes cotton Cloud foam replacement pad. 4-way stretch knit cover and foam encasing. Eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic. 11-inch thickness.


A Unit of Water, a Unit of Time
A Unit of Water, a Unit of Time


In a time when racing boats are mass-produced from synthetic materials, a dying breed of craftsman continues to build wooden sailboats of astonishing beauty. Boatbuilding is an ancient art, and Joel White was a master. Son of the legendary writer E.B. White, he was raised around boats and his designs were as sublime and graceful as his father's prose. At a boatyard in Maine, White and his closely knit team of builders brought scores of his creations from blueprints into the ocean. In June 1996, six months after being diagnosed with cancer, Joel White began designing the W-76, an exquisite racing yacht. It was his final masterpiece. Douglas Whynott spent a year at Brooklin Boat Yard, observing as this design took shape, first in sketches and then during the painstaking building of the wooden craft. The result is the poignant tale of both a genius at work and the people devoted to his art. Evoking E.B. White's New England and its salty residents, A UNIT OF WATER, A UNIT OF TIME is a classic portrait of dignity, charm, and humble magnificence - and of a maritime community that keeps a vanishing world alive.


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September activities at Grain Valley Library - 09/09/15, via The Examiner

The library is located at 101 S.W. Eagles Pkwy. All activities are free ... of the Windows 8.1 operating system and how to navigate its functions such as the Start Screen, the Charms bar, and apps. No computer required. • Stitchers, 2 p.m. Sept.

Griak Hall of Fame Feature: Bill Bergan - 09/09/15, via Golden Gophers

“(Koech) was a freshman and began the season as our No. 5 runner and was our No ... was the fact that it was such a close-knit group.” Bergan, a 1965 graduate of Northern Iowa, would guide Iowa State to its second national championship in 1994 before ...

I Had to Be High to Work at Hooters: Boobs, Binge Eating and Men’s Wandering Hands - 09/09/15, via Alter Net

The more I began to dislike my body, the more I punished myself with ... The next year, I wore a grey tube top with a cropped knit shrug to school—let’s call it a youthful, slinkier version of the twin-set. I was walking out of the lunchroom with ...


  1. History of knitting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Knitting is the process of using two or more needles to loop yarn into a series of interconnected loops in order to create a finished garment or some other type of ...
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  3. I Can't Believe I'm Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila G. Joynes ... Sheila G. Joynes says, "Friends and family describe my relationship to Fair Isle knitting as 'She paints with yarn.' " Sheila's knitting journey began when she was a ...
... my stash and began the Larus & Ardea pattern from Winter 2008 Knitty
... my stash and began the Larus & Ardea pattern from Winter 2008 Knitty
know these notes aren’t very clear, but they may help someone!
know these notes aren’t very clear, but they may help someone!